Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Discourse on Evolution

Galileo, Copernicus, and Newton were attacked by the religious authorities of their respective ages in consequence of their heliocentric beliefs (the concept that the sun, and not the earth, is the center of the solar system). Are the religious treating evolutionists the same way today?

Could God have created out of the dust? Could He have used other materials? By what means came man? What was the process? The mechanism? The machine? Could God have fulfilled His creation purposes through evolution by natural selection? Would He be any less of a God? Would He be any less worthy of worship? And what of these beasts or creatures of the earth? Are they Godless drones? Or are they, too, products of divine creation? Receiving the gift of existence by the hands of the great Life-giver? Is man any less a son of God if he is a product of the progression of some evolutionary life chain, than if he was formulated out of the lifeless dust of the earth?

Could there not have been a point in this evolutionary process where God spoke to the creatures “enough!” and breathed His spirit into the man Adam? If God allowed for thousands or even millions of earthly years for the physical creation of His progeny instead of an instantaneous creation in mere microseconds, is He any less omnipotent? Must He act quickly if His purposes are eternal? Does the great architect of the universe face strict deadlines? Did God create ex-nihilo (out of nothing) or does His creation involve reorganization of the existing? Or was the creation a combination of these two extremes? Does either discredit His divinity?

Like Christ, was God Himself at one time physically born of a mother? If so would this be required of any man born in His image? Would it be appropriate for a generation of exception, namely Adam’s? Are angels a bit lower than the gods? Is man a little lower than the angels? Is there spiritual and physical life a little lower than man? How could this be determined?

Is man the only earthly creature capable, worthy, or programmed and designed to think? To feel? To love? To reason? Do man’s earthly neighbors, those creatures whom he shares his space and his time with- who are part of his dominion- (as he is a part of God’s dominion?), exhibit at times characteristics that he himself exhibits (for better or worse)? Do they help others in need? Care for their sick? Or their young? Do they enjoy companionship one with another? Do they tire? Do they seek a thrill? Do they, amongst life experiences, feel joy? Or peace? Or contentment? Or sorrow? Or pain? Do they recognize deliverance or triumph over struggles? Are they driven by conscience or impulse? Can they be tamed of their wild ways? Is a portion of God's spirit in them? How did He supply them life?

And of these animals, is there a place for them to dwell in the Father's kingdom? Among His many mansions? Does His glory shine on them? Do they have purpose? Physical? Spiritual? If God's children carry with them a few characteristics of deity, and the beasts exhibit at least a few characteristics of humanity, does some divine nature trickle down to them- man's dominion? At times do men act as the beasts? Aggression? Anger? Selfishness? Eat-or-be-eaten? Does man feel threatened? Does he seek rivalry with the “flock of another feather”? Prejudice? Racism? Ethnic or cultural intolerance? Do men hate? Do they hurt? Do they kill? Are they apathetic? Unbelieving? Are they harsh? Heartless? Critical? Are they ever driven by unrighteous desires? Is their eye always single to their Father's? Their wills in line with their Creator's? Are the beasts any lower to man than man is to God?

Can a man through a limited finite time of progression become as his father? And with an infinite and eternal time become as his “Father”? Man to God? God's literal children consequently gods in embryo? Is this not evolution?! Evolution of the highest order? Is it wrong to suppose that the physical evolution from beast to man is actually less difficult for the Creator? A process more sure and less demanding on the Father than the evolution of His spirit children: from man to god? Could it be physically so? Spiritually? That because of man's agency, the latter evolutionary process may have a lower rate of success? For God's power to bring about this process is limited by free will: the power of His creations to resist?

What doctrine, what principle is lost in evolution? What spiritual beliefs must be sacrificed? What divine characteristic or attribute of God is compromised? Where is the evil to be found here? Where is the godlessness? Where is the crime? Where is the apostasy- when heavenly and earthly laws and powers combine? The creation of God's children, born to the physical, mortal realm- why? What purpose? When? How? Why not by, and through God's divine oversight, influence, planning, and governance of evolutionary biology?

Happy 200th Birthday Charles Darwin- A scientist inspired?

True baseball fans might "get" this...

So this came from a conversation I had with a friend of mine on the fbook:

I suggested:
I was thinking about organizing a Hall-of-Shame Legends Game. We'll play it on the Field of Dreams in Iowa- Fox and vh1 are fighting for the tv rights. I've been in talks with Pete Rose, Darryl Strawberry, Jose Canseco, Sammy Sosa (what happened to my fun-loving, chemically/hormonally enhanced, corked-stick wielding, Dominican Teddy Bear?), Rafael Palmero, McGwire, Doc Gooden, and Roger Clemons, among others. Bud Selig wants to dh for your team- he admits he doesn't always have a good eye for disobedient, rule-breaking, wayward pitches, but he knows a money pitch when he sees one. Darryl and Doc share a toothless girlfriend who offered to bring Capri Sun and crack brownies. Pete Rose and Jose Canseco are in charge of fund-raising for the event. Miguel Tejada and David Ortiz have purchased 1000 outfield seats for 2500 underprivileged "11 year old" Latin "boys." They said not to raz the kids about their deep voices, facial hair, and muscle tone, as they're self conscious about their early maturation.

ps. The owners of all 30-whatever MLB teams said that if Mcgwire and Sosa go head-to-head in a homerun derby during the 7th inning stretch... (provided, MLB viewership increases along with MLB merchandise sales) they'll start buying and stocking their clubhouses with our Fortified Sunflower Seeds: Enriched w/ "B Vitamins" again. And we might get our "Official- Fortified Sunflower Seeds: Enriched w/ 'B Vitamins'- of Major League Baseball" status back. And that's good business my friend!

He suggested, for our product:
We can call it " B seeds : chicks dig the long ball"

My response:
Yes, how bout - "B seeds: chicks dig the long ball: the official fortified sunflower seeds of Major League Baseball: from the Los Angeles sunflower gardens of Anaheim."

or we can just name them after the highest bidding insurance company, bank, fruit juice or beer company, etc. -- Safeco seeds, Chase Chewables, Busch/Miller/Coors snacks, we might also contact Citizen's Bank, Petco, Progressive, Target, AT&T, Minute Maid, Tropicana, US Cellular, Sun Life, or PNC (whoever they are). I called Enron Corporation, but got the answering machine- "you have dialed 1-800-**** voice mailbox is full."

What it's like for a boy to lose his favorite team...

My sister Amy messaged me on fbook: So I told G. (this is Braytrayn's nephew) that you love B-ball and he asked what team. I didn`t know what to say since you lost your Sonics. He told me to ask you.
I responded as best I knew how:

i'm only a sonics fan!! FOREVER!!-- there are a lot of players i like and teams i prefer to win over others, but i really cant sit down and watch a game like i used to, the nba is slowly becoming more and more irrelevant to me... it's like if you were a black belt in karate- had kung-fu posters up all over your room, spent hours in training... and ... and then, for no reason at all (so they can be ground up into dog food), you have both arms and both legs amputated... for a while you might believe that karate is still one of your favorite hobbies or interests.. but, after a while... your head starts to itch, and you got no arms to scratch... you look down at your legs and you got no legs!! what is karate now? kinda irrelevant... so you woddle over to the bathtub, turn the water on w/ your teeth and when it's filled to the brim... you tilt that huge, unbalanced head of yours over the bathwater.. and slowly wait for natural laws (gravity) to seal your fate... there's a splash, and you drown, your little nubs flailing like lightning... but you drown. Hope that helps.


Now in march madness there's almost no rules for who you can/must cheer for; provided one or more of these conditions are met:


***1) an individual may qualify himself for general fandom of up to 5 teams (7 if a CURRENT resident of CA or TX) indicating one or more of the following:

*1-a) the fan personally knows one of the players (he would know the fan's name and face- he need not have the fan's number in his phone, but social-network friends DO NOT count), or the fan may have played against (and guarded) the player in high school, rec league, or organized tournament (the fan must have a neutral or better opinion of said player- thus the player should not be a complete tool, that the fan secretly despises, but insists the two were "bff's" [best friends forever] just to improve his social status).

*1-b) the fan himself, or a 1st degree relative (spouse, child, or parent) has attended the school.
*1-c) the school is located in the state in which the fan currently lives.
*1-d) the school is in a state where the fan has previously lived, on condition that:
*while residing in the state he gave that school at least moderate fan attention,
*he MUST have known before the tournament started that the team existed,
*he MUST also know the team name/mascot (Coyotes, Commanders, Cobras)- knowing the specific name of the mascot ("Cobe the Cobra") is not necessary.
*1-e) rarely, one may be granted "fandom" in connection to a school in which none of the prior conditions are met. The person must have "bandwagoned" as a youth, or typically cannot be considered. Varying age groups of "bandwagon onset" require various degrees of authentication. Generally, the younger the fan was at "incident" the more excusable his behavior. Consider:
*if 0-12 yrs old: no explanation necessary. Based on the popular assumption that "boys will be boys."
*if 12-15 yrs old: a semi-valid reason must be given: a common acceptable reason for "bandwagoning" might be the history of a particular program. Excuses such as: "Michael Jordan played there" should always be accepted, and license granted. The college teams of the fan's top-3 favorite pro players should be considered, etc. Licenses should be granted by "flip-of-a-coin" if 2 or more of the fan's childhood bestfriends were fans of the team in question, provided that the individual shows behavior characteristic of: childhood insecurities, excessive yearning for belonging, and showing a lifetime vulnerability to "spinelessness" and peer-pressure.
*if 16+ yrs: shall not be considered, except in cases of severe mental handicap (for which licenses can ONLY be assigned for Duke and the U of Utah or the semi-pro/WNBA? Oklahoma City Thunder- commonly referred to as "the Blunder," or "Zombie Sonics," or "they who shall not be named"). Other exceptions may only be considered on condition that requirement [4-c] are met (discussed later).
-NOTE: individuals requesting license to fandom by requirement [1-e] must not root for the applied team's rival. Thus, an application may NOT contain a request for UNC and Duke fandom. Limit 2 “wildcard favorite” teams per person.


***2) An individual may cheer for a team which is intimately connected to his favorite team(s) (see requirement 1)- the sole purpose of addendum 2 is to bring respect to his category-1 teams making them appear more impressive because of their association to these other teams. these teams may:

*2-a) be in cat-1 teams' conference or

*2-b) the cat-1 team may have played this team earlier in the year in out-of-conference play
-NOTE: the concept of cheering for a bitter rival for this stated purpose is very controversial. The behavior is viewed differently by different people; complex ethnic, economic and social factors are responsible for the variance. At this time the decision to make use of addendum 2 in regard to "hated rivals" is left up to the discretion of the fan. Should the fan choose to, for strategic purposes alone, cheer for a rival team, he should be completely forthright with his fellow fans, openly stating his motives and intentions. Let the voice of the people govern this behavior.

***3) A fan may make tournament bracket predictions as is customary, he may designate any combination of winners based on any strategy he chooses, every man left to his own basketball knowledge, march-madness prophecy, and free will and choice. Thus, he may dutifully cheer for ANY team that he has selected to win in any given game. BEWARE!!: the fan may find himself cheering for the likes of Duke on the occasion that, as a number one seed, the team is playing TiciTici Community College of the Bahamas.


***4) If an individual's bracket is officially “busted” (elimination of: predicted champion+final 2 teams+ half of the final 4), he must choose 1 of the remaining teams as his preferred champion. This process is carried out in one of two general ways depending on the specific circumstances.

*4-a) If money is involved, such as in the form of a bet, ANY strategy may be employed to choose this team, although using mechanism [4-b] is preferred, considered both proper and valiant.

*4-b) If only “bragging rights” are at stake (no money involved), the chosen team SHOULD and MUST fit condition 1 if such a team remains, next condition 2 teams may be considered (this group is now temporarily expanded to include the teams responsible for the elimination of condition 1 teams- again, to make those teams perhaps seem better than they truly were).
-NOTE: promising “underdogs” are given the comparable weight of a condition 2 team and may be chosen if a condition 1 team is not available. Only if none of these requirements can be met may a fan choose any other team, and may do so without explanation. The fan must not violate this binding agreement until the team has proven itself unfaithful to its temporary fan and is eliminated from the tournament, at which point the “temporary favorite team” selection process is repeated using the prior requirements. There is one exception that may be considered at any time, even during rounds or games in progress, this is condition [4-c]:
*4-c) if an unheralded “cinderella team” emerges- storming into the tournament picture, the fan's world, doing so with elegance, beauty and grace- intending not just to toy with the fan's emotions, playing for more than to satisfy the fan in one brief moment of unbridled passion, an exception may be granted. To satisfy this requirement, the team must successfully (and only figuratively/poetically) take the fan by the hand, whisper peace to his soul, and steal his heart. If this rare incident was to occur as described in full, the fan and team would qualify for "wildcard favorite team" license [1-e], never to be divided.

Who is the Braytrayn: King of Krunk?

Get to Know Me:
Originally from facebook- My 25 Things:

*Update: I had to add a couple to the list in question 25. But so what? Don't think I will not fight you!
I got tagged a few times so here goes...

1. When I sleep my mustache sneaks out and kills bad guys!

2. My tears cure cancer, too bad no one's ever seen me cry!

Oh sorry that's Chuck Norris, About me:

1. My two biggest fears are heights and bees. I often face my fear of heights; my fear of bees is much more debilitating.

2. I was only 5 feet tall and 90 pounds going into my freshman year of high school. I never dreamed I’d grow to be 6 ft tall (5'11" if I’m in an under 6 ft basketball tournament)

3. If I could share Taco Bell Chalupas with any three people living or dead (not counting Jesus) it would be Christopher Columbus, Abe Lincoln, and Lou Gehrig.

4. My favorite numbers (equally favorite) are 4 and 7.

5. For artistic not morbid purposes, I prefer the main character dies in the end. Movies are ruined when the hero rides off into the sunset with the girl. I always think to myself, “this movie could’ve been great if he died right there...”

6. My favorite athletes of all time are #1 Ken Griffey Jr., #2 Steve Young, and tied for #3 Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp.

7. When I retire (age 35) I want to spend an entire summer and follow my Mariners all around the country catching a game in every MLB ballpark. (Wherever they don’t play in the NL I’ll follow the Braves or Cubs)

8. I was on the Math Team for two years in high school and kept it a secret from my friends. (Remember I was too short to play basketball... oh and I don’t want to toot my own horn, but because of it I got a perfect score on the math portion of the ACT, which probably got me into college because my reading scores were down there with Mike Tyson and Paris Hilton’s)

9. My specialty was mental math. I think it’s because I do math problems and look for patterns in my mind with random numbers on clocks, microwaves, sports scores, price tags, or street signs. I do this cuz I’m crazy not because I’m a nerd! “Oh it’s 12:24!... 12 goes into 24... both divisible by 12, 6, 4, 3, 2... 12+24 is 36... 12 has digits 1 and 2, 2 goes into 24 12 times... 24 is digits 2 and 4... that adds to 6, 1+2 is 3... 6 is divisible by 3...” This was an easy one you don’t want to know what I go through in my mind when it’s 5:13... Now that is an intriguing combination of #s!!!

10. I kinda secretly like Techno party music because they used to play it at the Kingdome during Mariners games when I was a kid and it brings back memories.

11. If the Devil came to me and offered an Aston Martin or the world’s most beautiful woman in exchange for my soul... I would take the car and get that girl on my own.

12. I really like the rain, I really hate the snow.

13. I bite my fingernails and probably will for the rest of my life (as long as I watch sports). Deal with it. I do what I want!

14. I taught myself how to tie my shoes, swim, and ride a bike... that’s why I’m not real good at any of these things (especially tying my shoes, anyone who’s ever watched me do it “my way” thinks I’m retarded, and I don’t tie my shoes unless I’m planning on running from the cops).

15. If I could afford real diamond earrings the size of Skittles I would get my ears pierced (cuz that’s the only time it’s cool for a guy to get his ears pierced).

16. Really smart girls scare me! So much so that I may very well have added them to my #1 fact.

17. Because I have 5 sisters who complain when I would do guy things (fart, scratch myself, not match my clothes, pee on the toilet seat,...) I have decent manners and impeccable restroom accuracy; I can pee around the corner (view obstructed) through a Cheerio floating in the can.

18. I don’t like wearing tight clothes (esp. jeans) and so I don’t think other guys should like it either.

19. I talk in my sleep... in many exciting languages... sometimes using words I don't use when I'm awake.

20. Sometimes I want to fight Chuck Norris! He’s never taken me up on the offer.

21. I know a lot of useless little facts and trivia because I never forget useless little facts and trivia.

22. I’m not real good at any one thing, but I feel like I’m pretty good at most anything, except girly things (singing, DDR, cleaning, gymnastics-I don’t really like being upside down)

23. It’s true I do sometimes wish I was black, mostly so I could do my part to bring back the “gumby” cut.

24. I don’t like cereal for breakfast. To me it’s like eating cotton candy or ketchup packets- no substance.

25. The only time I’ve cried during a movie, it’s been sports movies when no one’s been around and it just snuck up on me. (The end of Field of Dreams, Gridiron Gang, Hardball, Hoosiers, We are Marshall, Airbud... ok just kidding about the last one