Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Discourse on Evolution

Galileo, Copernicus, and Newton were attacked by the religious authorities of their respective ages in consequence of their heliocentric beliefs (the concept that the sun, and not the earth, is the center of the solar system). Are the religious treating evolutionists the same way today?

Could God have created out of the dust? Could He have used other materials? By what means came man? What was the process? The mechanism? The machine? Could God have fulfilled His creation purposes through evolution by natural selection? Would He be any less of a God? Would He be any less worthy of worship? And what of these beasts or creatures of the earth? Are they Godless drones? Or are they, too, products of divine creation? Receiving the gift of existence by the hands of the great Life-giver? Is man any less a son of God if he is a product of the progression of some evolutionary life chain, than if he was formulated out of the lifeless dust of the earth?

Could there not have been a point in this evolutionary process where God spoke to the creatures “enough!” and breathed His spirit into the man Adam? If God allowed for thousands or even millions of earthly years for the physical creation of His progeny instead of an instantaneous creation in mere microseconds, is He any less omnipotent? Must He act quickly if His purposes are eternal? Does the great architect of the universe face strict deadlines? Did God create ex-nihilo (out of nothing) or does His creation involve reorganization of the existing? Or was the creation a combination of these two extremes? Does either discredit His divinity?

Like Christ, was God Himself at one time physically born of a mother? If so would this be required of any man born in His image? Would it be appropriate for a generation of exception, namely Adam’s? Are angels a bit lower than the gods? Is man a little lower than the angels? Is there spiritual and physical life a little lower than man? How could this be determined?

Is man the only earthly creature capable, worthy, or programmed and designed to think? To feel? To love? To reason? Do man’s earthly neighbors, those creatures whom he shares his space and his time with- who are part of his dominion- (as he is a part of God’s dominion?), exhibit at times characteristics that he himself exhibits (for better or worse)? Do they help others in need? Care for their sick? Or their young? Do they enjoy companionship one with another? Do they tire? Do they seek a thrill? Do they, amongst life experiences, feel joy? Or peace? Or contentment? Or sorrow? Or pain? Do they recognize deliverance or triumph over struggles? Are they driven by conscience or impulse? Can they be tamed of their wild ways? Is a portion of God's spirit in them? How did He supply them life?

And of these animals, is there a place for them to dwell in the Father's kingdom? Among His many mansions? Does His glory shine on them? Do they have purpose? Physical? Spiritual? If God's children carry with them a few characteristics of deity, and the beasts exhibit at least a few characteristics of humanity, does some divine nature trickle down to them- man's dominion? At times do men act as the beasts? Aggression? Anger? Selfishness? Eat-or-be-eaten? Does man feel threatened? Does he seek rivalry with the “flock of another feather”? Prejudice? Racism? Ethnic or cultural intolerance? Do men hate? Do they hurt? Do they kill? Are they apathetic? Unbelieving? Are they harsh? Heartless? Critical? Are they ever driven by unrighteous desires? Is their eye always single to their Father's? Their wills in line with their Creator's? Are the beasts any lower to man than man is to God?

Can a man through a limited finite time of progression become as his father? And with an infinite and eternal time become as his “Father”? Man to God? God's literal children consequently gods in embryo? Is this not evolution?! Evolution of the highest order? Is it wrong to suppose that the physical evolution from beast to man is actually less difficult for the Creator? A process more sure and less demanding on the Father than the evolution of His spirit children: from man to god? Could it be physically so? Spiritually? That because of man's agency, the latter evolutionary process may have a lower rate of success? For God's power to bring about this process is limited by free will: the power of His creations to resist?

What doctrine, what principle is lost in evolution? What spiritual beliefs must be sacrificed? What divine characteristic or attribute of God is compromised? Where is the evil to be found here? Where is the godlessness? Where is the crime? Where is the apostasy- when heavenly and earthly laws and powers combine? The creation of God's children, born to the physical, mortal realm- why? What purpose? When? How? Why not by, and through God's divine oversight, influence, planning, and governance of evolutionary biology?

Happy 200th Birthday Charles Darwin- A scientist inspired?

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